My name is Xiaozhe Yao. I received my B.Eng at Dept. of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Shenzhen University. I am particularly interested in the theory and application of machine learning, especially the Automated, Interpretable and Reliable machine learning. I am also trying to use the techniques in machine learning and data science to identify and handle social problems, such as the diversity in software industry, the emotion changes during a period of time, etc.

I am now serving as technical chair at AICAMP.CO.,LTD, a Hong Kong Cyberport Incubatee Company. It is the umbrella company for our open source softwares.

Prior to joining AICAMP, I was the co-founder of Zhitan Technology in Shenzhen, and lead the backend department. Before that, I joined Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Research, Chinese Academy of Science as a Data Scientist (Intern). At SIAT, I developed a food recognition and recommendation algorithm and devoted it to Zhitan Technology.

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